Event Rental

One example of our outdoor concert package:

Mix Consoles
APB-dynasonics Spectra series


48 mono, 4 stereo

8 vcA groups

10 1Auxiliary Buses

LCR and sub mix Read ProAudio review

24×8 and 16×4 also available

Midas Venice 16x4x2

FOH Speakers

Mackie fusion 3way stacked or flown (8)

Mackie 18 subs (16)

Delay towers available

Manufacturer of Fusion
LOUD Technologies Inc. is one of the world’s largest dedicated pro audio and music products companies. As the corporate parent for world-recognized brands including Alvarez, Ampeg, Crate, EAW, Knilling, Mackie, SIA and TAPCO, LOUD Technologies Inc. produces a wide range of digital recording products, loudspeakers, commercial audio systems, audio and music software, guitars, guitar and bass amplifiers, and orchestral string instruments. Additionally, LOUD Technologies is one of the largest distributors of branded pro audio and music accessories.


Monitor Speakers

Featuring EAW Microwedge

M12 and M15

Crown XTI 4000 an 1000 amps with DSP

Passive or BI-Amp configurations


Dbx quad gate

Dbx stereo gate/compressor

Dbx quad compressor/limiter (3)

Yamaha SPX 50,90,900

Roland SDE 1000 delay

Drive Rack L/R/C/Sub

Aphex aural exciter

DBX drive rack pro

Ashley GQX-3102 stereo 31 band eq (2)

Monitor World

Allen & Heath 32×16

APB 48×10 (match to FOH APB)

Uri 31 band cut only eq (5) insert

DBX IEQ stereo 31 band (2) insert

Laptop controlled/DSP eq on mixes

200 AMP 1 or 3 phase power distro

100′ 02/camlock feeder +tails

10 twist lock 220, 16 Edison

Back line options

Yamaha, DW, Tama

Fender, Ampeg svt and more….

Call for rider needs