Meet our DJ’s


JBL-dj-1James B. Lawhon (Jay)
Jay formed JBL Productions 27 years ago and never looked back. He is a full time DJ and MC. His Quote: “Being able to look at a group and see what they want and play it !!!! That’s the key….anybody can push buttons, and most people can make announcements, but as a real DJ you must entertain with music; not just sit there and play it.”

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JBL-dj-2Christopher T. Duke
A DJ and Customer service EXPERT.!!! ….(As well as an old timer with Jay.) Chris has been a DJ and Mc as well as Jays right hand, for more than 15 years. The professional “problem solver” to quote the office staff – “When Chris does an event, it’s done right and we don’t worry about any Monday morning phone calls.” When problems arise (and of course they do) he handles it right the first time. Chris is our Wedding Pro with well over 300 events to his credit. 

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JBL-dj-3Eric A. Johnson (the other Eric!)
Our Live Sound Engineer, Eric is a Professional Studio guitarist and producer. Eric has been in the music industry for over 25 years, and is professionally versed in all facets of live and recorded music production., orchestral to bluegrass & heavy rock to country. Always cool under pressure, Eric keeps the musicians happy by making them sound great, and the crowd happy by letting them truly hear the performance the way it should be.



Over 30 years in the  club, concert an recording scene, he brings a  wide blend of  experience in the technical
an the practical to the studio and live venues.